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Why our competitors do not offer this?

BIG companies are too big to offer a customized service. It is like asking a fast food restaurant to cook meat especially for each customer…
The medium-sized companies do not offer this because it is too expensive for them.
The small companies do not offer this because they do not have the structure, methodology, name and experience necessary.
What is our difference?

Selection Depth

Interviews only help screen potential candidates to a maximum of 25%. How is it possible that large firms base their judgment solely on one interview? For us the interview is a foundation to learn more about candidates and their potential. However, we would not be honest with our clients if we did not complement the information gained from interviews with a profile based on personality, values, intelligence, capacity for decision making and teamwork to help us understand our candidates more deeply.

Recruitment Depth 

We do not just present what we have in our Database. Our commitment is not just to fill a vacancy; it is about finding the most qualified person to meet the challenges of the position, and at the same time to find someone who can blend into the culture of the organization.

Depth of understanding the needs

We use cutting-edge tools in every step, such as analysis of the profile, including HOGAN, to technically frame the needs of each search, avoiding misunderstandings that cost both time and money by delivering unsuitable candidates.