Executive Search

Our Tailor-Made Executive Search and our commitment to recruit and evaluate the best talent with the depth and detail that a strategic position requires is what sets us apart.

We use leading-edge evaluation tools (Hogan Assessments) that complement our perception of the candidates we interview. Our methodology allows us to find and evaluate the most competitive candidates in the market.

Executive Search

DELTA TOP TALENT is the exclusive representative in Mexico of IIC Partners, one of the 10 largest and most successful executive recruitment consulting organizations in the world, with 52 offices in 34 countries. Our partners include FESA in Brazil, MERC in Ireland, and CONROY ROSS in Canada, the largest recruitment firms in their respective countries.


6 Factors for success in an executive search

– Clear tangibles
– Intangibles through Hogan competencies
– Challenges of the position
– Personality required
– Company culture
– Economic compensation

– Comparison against tangibles
– Adequate experience
– Compensation range
– Representative sample
– Achievements

– In-depth interviews
– HOGAN assessments
• Candidate reputation
• Possible derailments
• Values
• Motivators
• Emotional Intelligence
• Decision-making
– 360º references

– Indicators related to critical tangibles
– Hogan competencies vs. intangibles
– Strengths and weaknesses by position
– Achievements

– Available and capable
– Experience in the industry

Benchmark Comparison


Why hire a specialized firm to search for executives for MY COMPANY?