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Executive Search

Our Tailor-Made Executive Search and our commitment to recruit and evaluate the best talent with the depth and detail that a strategic position requires is what sets us apart.

We use leading-edge evaluation tools (Hogan Assessments) that complement our perception of the candidates we interview. Our methodology allows us to find and evaluate the most competitive candidates in the market.

• Americas: 9 Countries

• Europe and Africa: 21 Countries

• Asia – Pacific: 4 Countries

6 Factors for success in an executive search

search-factor1 ingles• Clear tangibles
• Intangibles through Hogan competencies
• Challenges of the position
• Personality required
• Company culture
• Economic compensation

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• Comparison against tangibles
• Adequate experience
• Compensation range
• Representative sample
• Achievements

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• In-depth interviews
• HOGAN assessments
– Candidate reputation
– Possible derailments
– Values
– Motivators
– Emotional IntelligencE
– Decision-making
• 360º references

search-factor4 ingles• Indicators related to critical tangibles
• Hogan competencies vs. intangibles
•  Strengths and weaknesses by position
•  Achievements

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• Available and capable
• Experience in the industry

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Benchmark Comparison

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Why hire a specialized firm to search for executives for


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